Cracking the codes of
branded content

How to apply structured thinking tools for developing engaging creative Branded Content ideas, in a multi-platform environment flooded with content

Branded Content today takes on many shapes and forms in an ever-growing variety of formats and platforms. Yet… If looked at closely from a different perspective, one may notice that behind this diversity, lay a variety of specific recurring thinking patterns. Patterns which when mastered, can help answer key questions such as: how can a brand control content when content is no longer in the complete control of the brand? How can a brand deliver its message, while also delivering an outcome people engage with on the merits of its value as genuine content? This program examines recent effective award-winning branded content ideas from around the world, while identifying the recurring patterns of thinking embedded in them. Based on these patterns it suggests a variety of structured thinking tools which can lead to different types of branded content outcomes. After each thinking tool is presented, it is implemented by participants on actual briefs & tasks, so as to provide them with a tangible real-life test drive for each tool.

Training goals

Gaining new insights into the creative thinking patterns behind recent successful branded content ideas. And understanding key success factors embedded in them
Acquiring a set of practical thinking tools for generating new original branded content ideas
Learning how to translate brand innovation into innovative Branded Content
Realizing how classical media platforms can be used at the service of effective Branded Content
Realizing how digital platforms/systems can be used at the service of effective Branded Content
Transforming storytelling into storyteching ideas which trigger captivating Branded Content


Transforming a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause, thereby initiating a social or cultural movement and emotional investment
Inventing and launching an original tactical offering, thereby presenting an entertaining new experience or behavior never seen before
Introducing a temporary new role which can be performed by the TA or can interact with the TA, thus inciting engaging content
Igniting an unusual occurrence and attention-grabbing content as a result of breaking functional and structural fixedness. By deconstructing a known system (e.g., a medium, a device, a product, a POS, etc.) into components / variables/resources. And then delivering a surprising outcome
Empowering emotional stories by making life easier for people in unexpected creative new ways
Launching a creative extreme challenge which attracts massive attention and generates a sport’s like drama
Structuring an idea which transforms a banal promotion into a content generating commotion
Proving a point using an unexpected demonstration or experiment with a fascinating process or result worth following (whether scientific or… comic)
Turning static classic mediums into dynamic content platforms with measurable results
Producing a creative translation of an abstract/complicated data input into a clear, relatable, valuable content generating output
Transforming real-time data into real-time activations engaging people in creative ways which ignite powerful content
Turning innovative digital platforms into innovative human stories

Designed for

Agency training: a mixed group of disciplines. Mainly creatives, but also planners, accounts, media, PR, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority. 
Brand training: A mixed group of marketing and communications disciplines. Marketing managers, brand managers, product managers, advertising managers, PR managers, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority.
Joint client-agency training: both

Formats: 2 day on-site training or a bespoke set of online sessions

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