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September 2009

The rules behind breaking creativity rules

June 2023

Mindscapes at the Embassy of Dutch Creativity

May 2023

Creativity in marketing and the superpowers which help (in Serbian)

July 2022

Current dimensions of creativity (in Greek)

April 2022

“Turning creative e-commerce into effective brand communications” at Marketing Week e-commerce conference

November 2020

The rules behind breaking creativity rules at Lions Live 2020

February 2020

The best performing thinking patterns in AdForum BCR 2019

September 2019

What is ‘Storyteching’ and why it’s important for your brand?

August 2019

“The new frontiers of storytelling” keynote at the Loeries festival

April 2019

Most creative ideas follow traceable patterns (in Greek)

October 2018

The unsung heroes of digital branded content

September 2017

What does a session look like: a peak inside a How2Wow session

September 2016

Pattern-spotting at spikes asia

November 2015

Can creativity be Learned and developed? (in Portuguese)

May 2013

Training For Success

October 2010

Intro to the Mindscapes approach

November 2009

The thought patterns behind award winning ideas (in Russian)

February 2021

Decoding Awarded Creative Thinking

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