digital storytelling

How to develop ideas which deliver effective digital storytelling and embrace the transformation to storysharing / storyteching

This program examines recent effective award-winning campaigns applying contemporary storytelling features, while decoding the recurring thinking patterns embedded in them. Based on these patterns, it then explores thinking paths for developing new digital storytelling ideas which reflect the new frontiers of storytelling. After each thinking tool is presented, it is implemented by participants on actual briefs & tasks, so as to provide them with a tangible real-life test drive for each tool.

Training goals

Acquiring a set of practical thinking tools for creating original insight-based ideas, which deliver a captivating story in an effective digital manner
Analyzing current contemporary storytelling approaches and the key factors in generating effective digital storysharing ideas
Understanding the mechanics of effective, engaging storysharing and storyteching


How to use integrated and interactive methods of delivering a story, crossing the border between online and offline while using innovative platforms. So as to reach more people in everyday life
How to deliver a story by using existing resources and platforms in a new unexpected manner
How to deliver a story by transforming a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause and initiating a social or cultural movement
How to deliver a story by letting people experience a truth for themselves in a concrete creative manner. Rather than just presenting it before them
How to deliver a story by inviting people to participate in a proprietary extreme challenge
How deliver a story by embedding it in a new tactical offering, function or character launched by the brand, which the TA can experience and interact with
How to deliver a story by transforming a message into a distinctive exhibition which is transformed into unique digital content
How to re-invent a real story from the past in a way which reflects relevance to the brand narrative at present
How to attain an “Emotional Investment” from consumers so as to not just make them believe a story, but rather make them believe in a story
How to generate a creative translation of an abstract/complicated data input into a clear, relatable, storytelling output
How to transform real-time data into real-time activations engaging people in real-life while delivering real-time digital storytelling
How to use consumer’s creativity and people’s desire for attention/recognition to co-create stimulating digital storysharing

Designed for

Agency training: a mixed group of disciplines. Mainly creatives, but also planners, accounts, media, PR, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority. 
Brand training: A mixed group of marketing and communications disciplines. Marketing managers, brand managers, product managers, advertising managers, PR managers, etc. from different levels of experience and seniority.
Joint client-agency training: both

Formats : 2 days on-site training or a bespoke set of online sessions

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